Monday, March 1, 2010

thoughts on st thomas: part two

1.  please pardon my lack of photos.  i'm using b's laptop while we're away and don't quite have my bearings.  there is sea, sun, and lush greenery.  there is a hillside dotted with pink-roofed homes.  there is the beach.  there are people with various shades of tans.  and burns.  there are tropical drinks.

2.  i would like to propose a bill to congress to ban splotchy sunburns.  do you know the kind?  it's when you're pretty sure you've lathered your entire body with suntan lotion.  and it's not just that you're sure.  you know you've lathered and lathered well.  and then you sun.  and then, hours later, you have a big bright red spot on the front of your shoulder.  and one on your other wrist.  while the rest of you is a nice shade of tan.  how does this happen??  was it ever addressed in xfiles?  i feel like maybe it has something to do with aliens...

3.  we are into our third day here and it feels like the seventh.  am i just all complaints and boo-hoos?  last night at 1a, over the hum of the a/c and the tv, the unit below us was blasting mexican rap.  mexican.rap.  i could handle it for one song.  was a bit perturbed by two.  and called the front desk as they rounded out the third.  mexican rap.  seriously.  it took a few more songs before i could tell that security had shown up and quieted them.

4.  see, here's what.  i do so appreciate being able to take a vacation.  i so appreciate b's dad allowing me to come along on work trips to exotic places.  and i could be just about anywhere, in any condition, and as long as i'm at the side of my love, i'm ok.

but this resort is a dump.  even the pool is motel-like.  and everything is expensive.  and the service suuuuuuuucks.  and the room is expensive.  and there are little bugs all over the sink in the bathroom.  so.  yeah.  it's hard because we can't pack up and leave and find somewhere else.  but that is because this is a work trip for b.  and i am along for the sun.

5.  last night, as i searched for sleep, i landed the tv on 'the first wives club' and watched what i think may have been 75% of the movie.  even though i wasn't tired, i forced myself to turn it off and find sleep.  i mean, first wives club.

6.  i am bad at schmoozing.  that's what these trips are all about.  i mean, for us wives.  the boys go to meetings and roundtables and b comes back with all kinds of ideas to take back to work with him.  the wives join up with their respectives for lunches and receptions and everyone makes small talk.  but the only person i want to talk to is the one i married.  i want to slink into a corner and just talk and talk.  because we get each other.  and also, because i have terrible hearing.  and even at a table of ten i lose conversations like socks in a dryer.  (no?  seems all of my good analogies were left on the mainland..)  the other thing is that b and i are at least ten years everyone's junior.  but mostly twenty years their junior.  and in some cases, thirty years.  but while they're talking about their children and grands, passing around pictures, i fight the urge to show everyone our adorable boys.  cat boys, that is.  ugh.  can you imagine?  oh, but just look at our boys...and out comes a picture of our cats lazing in the sun.  cuddled together.  oh, but the looks we would get.  oh, but how the conversations would cease.

7.  i am counting down the days til we fly back home.  home cooked meals.  regularly priced bags of chips and bottled water.  warm boys sleeping on my feet.  neighbors who probably don't even know mexican rap exists.  sorry to be such a bummer you guys.  i know most of you are in the snow and praying for sun and here i am, where the low is 77.  and i'm all blah.

8.  pms.  (but you knew that already, didn't you?)


Blogger April said...

Pms: Me tooooo! I've been so irritated the last 24 hours, even reading about your mexican rap irritated me for your sake haha. Holy cow our cycles are even the same.

Maybe you should try to do something outside of the resort? Any plans for hikes or outings?

Hope it gets better for you! :)

March 1, 2010 8:21 AM  

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