Tuesday, March 2, 2010

thoughts on st thomas: part three

1.  i got all bit up by bugs last night.  and i'm not so allergic that it is a medical emergency when i get bit.  but just allergic enough to have each bite swell into a golf ball.  well, a mini golf ball.

2.  i got up all early and junk to go to a fashion show that was just different girls wearing different sarongs.  um, yeah...

3.  i get a whole half day with b today!  the highlight of this trip thus far.  we will be sunning and shading alternately for the afternoon and later tonight i will get to wear my dress that i bought on clearance from target for...wait for it...$13.  and personally i think it's a beaut.  (which you figured, right? because why else would i buy it?)

4.  i've got, what i would call, and half tan.  as in, i'm halfway to the tan for which i am longing.  it feels incredibly good to not be as pastey pale as i was just last week.  i look better in color.  and b agrees.

5.  pretty much the highlight of my life:  i'm getting ready to sun.  b's getting ready to roundtable.  i'm applying suntan lotion and am all suited up and b looks at me and says "how did i get to marry this sexy girl??"  so i'm pretty much conceited now, haha.  ok, not really but for real.  how did i get to marry that wonderful boy?

6.  we've been lounging almost every night in the outdoor bar area with couple-friends from the conference.  one of the best things that will come out of this whole trip may be a better friendship with them.  we live in close proximity back home and they're a lot of fun.  so pretty much a win-win.

7.  i'm trying to be more positive but it comes in waves.  i want to thank you for not cussing me out and calling me names because i am full of negativity.  i'm trying to gain some perspective but am very in-the-moment right now and it's hard.  but, there was not crazy music late last night.  and i'll take any small victory i can get  :)



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