Wednesday, March 3, 2010

thoughts on st thomas: part four

1.  at one point last night i woke myself up by scratching my buggy bites with my own foot.  see, i've got 12 bug bites between my knees and toes.  and, in the heat of my sleeping, they get all kinds of itchy.  and apparently, i knew this even in sleep.  so i groggily found my way to the hydrocortisone and the cold washrags and said prayers about wishing away bug venom.  or whatever the heck it is.  spit?  larvae?  i just grossed myself out.

2.  b woke up in the middle of the night with a headache the likes of which few men have seen.  i know this because my boy is tough.  and he was wincing and shuddering in pain.  so i applied a cold washrag (not my buggy one, friends, worry not) and tripped over all of our stray pairs of shoes until i found my purse and then my advil.  i administered it along with cold water to that handsome patient of mine and sat with him until he found sleep again.

3.  we got a stray wake-up call at 6:30a.  not ours, you see.  and this was only an hour and half after we'd gotten back to sleep after foot itching and heads aching.  seriously, marriott, you can go suck an egg.

4.  we are halfway through our trip.  the last four and a half days have gone by slower than i could have ever imagined.  are we anywhere near the bermuda triangle?  maybe we're stuck in the st thomas triangle...all twilight zoney and crap...

5.  if you have a moment to think good, encouraging thoughts, please send them to heatherlynn, one of my most loyalest of readers and commenters and just an all-around wonderful girl.  she is going through a tough time and while i sit here and chatter about really meaningless stuff, she is dealing with some big decisions and changes.  so.  i declare this week lovin on heatherlynn week.  can ya dig it??  :)

6.  dear tiger and sammy,  i miss you boys so much and have been daydreaming about scooping your chubby selves up and lovin on you like nobody's business.  hang in there, my sweet-and-handsomes.  love, your mama

7.  i am almost done with the wickedness that is gatsby.  i feel quite like a 15 yr old and a literary genius all at the same time.  half the time i'm reading it's like i'm mentally preparing for a book report.  should i underline this?  is this a thematic device?  oh how school can ruin a good book.  well, in some ways at least.  have i ever told you that the first book i really liked reading for school was billy bathgate by e.l. doctorow?  that is how i roll.

8.  it is already march 3rd.  how did that happen??  i'm tellin ya...bermuda triangle up in this place...  when we get home it had better be in like a lion like nobody's business.  i think march has got the sweetest motto of all months.  and, actually, do other months have mottoes?  dish.


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