Thursday, March 4, 2010

thoughts on st thomas: part five

1.  i think i forgot to tell you about my random bloody nose that happened at dinner two nights ago.  i thought my nose was just running.  kept wiping it on my maroon napkin.  then excused myself to the bathroom to find little smears of blood on my nose and cheek and my hands.  i have never been more thankful for mood lighting than that evening.  nobody noticed a thing.  phew.

2.  my buggy bite plight soldiers on.  this morning we officially ran out of hydrocortisone so...we'll see how long we can stand it.  i'm hoping we're nearing the end of constant ankle itching.  it does make for awkward dinner conversation when one is leaning with their head practically on the table so that they can scratchscratchscratchscratch.  i have the manners of a hobo, i am sure of it.

3.  psych was on last night and we caught it right at the beginning.  sheer destiny.  i love psych.  love.  do you watch psych?  it basically is  my reason for always needing to have a tv.  that and football season.  all of the other stuff i probably wouldn't miss..  so it was like having a bit of home in all of this.

4.  today at noon marks the end of the conference for b which means lots more time together.  it also means it's thursday and only a few days away from heading back home.  i think in my deepest of hearts i am wishing for this kind of vacation (well, the laying out by the pool/beach everyday part) but be able to sleep in my own bed at the end of the day.  my dream vacation isn't much of a vacation at all as much as a hiding from the real world.  at home.  tell me i am not alone...

5.  i called my ma yesterday for the first time since we landed and she said, 'i was just thinking about you...' and i thought, aww, that's sweet.  but she wasn't done.  '...and how you always call me when you're away and you hadn't called me this time and i thought that was interesting.'  do you feel the love?  i was like, just stop at 'i was just thinking about you.'  i mean, really.  i'm pretty sure she has lost all of her social graces.  her ability to converse without somehow depressing you...gone.

6.  today i will finish gatsby.  only thirty pages left.  then i may or may not move onto this side of paradise.  another re-read.  i have truly loved all of this reading time.  i really need to make more time for it at home...  shift the ratio of tv watching hours to a more reasonable number and re-educate myself on good dialogue.  intelligent (wow, i just misspelled intelligent...touche) word choices.  the mystery and romance of imaginary lives...


Blogger April said...

I'm so glad you've been able to keep in touch while in St. Thomas! That's fabulous you've been able to read so much, there's nothing better (well, unless it's reading with your B haha).

I hope that your bug bites get better, and you don't have any more random bloody noses!

Ps: What's psych? I know, I know, you're probably shaking your head.

March 6, 2010 3:37 PM  
Blogger emily b. said...

april, ok, head-shaking aside, psych is a hilarious show. it's about a guy who can't be a detective because of some loophole or misdemeanor or something like that. so he opens up a (fake) psychic detective agency w his best friend and they work alongside the police dept. it's just full of all kinds of witty banter and hilarity. it's on usa on...wednesdays? lemme check... yep. wednesdays at 10. only this wednesday is the finale. *tears* i highly recommend! :)

March 8, 2010 10:19 AM  
Blogger April said...

I will have to check it out, thanks!

March 9, 2010 8:10 PM  

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