Monday, March 15, 2010

stowing away

(my stowaway, pre-st thomas)
i didn't quite know what i was doing until i saw this picture and thought of my little orange stowaway and then thought, yes, that is what i'm doing.  in a way.  not entirely.  but kind of.

it seems like i just haven't been able to say anything without sounding either whiny or bitchy.  and i'm really neither.  well, today at least.  and not the last week either.  but every time i'd start a post, an email to a friend, a facebook status update...nothing would suffice.  i am in this odd place between wanting to connect with people and then not having anything to say.  or something.

i have missed my blog and i have missed you guys...i've just been very quiet as of late.  i promise it isn't permanent.  and it isn't for any great or devastating reason.  i'm hoping it means my genius will be shining through at any moment.

(see?  even that.  like it sounds like i'm being all down.  but i'm not.  or i'm not trying to be.  or i just am and don't even know it yet.)

how come the time change leaves me feeling jetlagged?  you too?  i mean, it's only an hour different right?  i think the time change always leaves me with a lot of questions.  most of them sound like 'why.'

i'll try to be back here soon.  i think it helps my brain if i get rid of some of those extra words and thoughts and worries in there.  even when my body resists all types of reasoning.  and refuses to type.  or converse.  and i shut down.  and become reclusive.  and becoming a recluse doesn't help anything at all, does it?  no sir it does not.


Blogger April said...

No, it does not. I get the same way - I promise I will get better as well.

Look forward to hearing more from you... :)

March 15, 2010 11:07 AM  

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