Monday, March 29, 2010

the japanese maple tells me it's spring

 (see?  told ya.)

and i believe it.  how could i not?  all around our house are blooms and blossoms and baby-green leaves.  and bugs.  eh.  i can stand some bugs.  but not bugs that can harm me.  bugs that can sting and have dangly legs.  wasps are they?  or hornets?  or evil?  it's really the hangy legs though.  blech.

tonight b and i are going to his parent's house for seder.  eh.  it's hard, ya know?  being a part of something when you'd rather be...home.  in comfortable clothes.  not singing hebrew.  it would be like having them over for an easter egg hunt...  not gonna happen.  oh well.  the food will be good.  and i'll be with my guy.  so there are worse things.  oh much worse things.

also, you know how acne at 13 is like devastating?  well i'd like to submit that it is way worse at 29.  i mean.  it makes me feel so old.  having zits show up all over my face.  this is my attempt at resolving this peacefully...dear acne, please go away.  i'm pretty sure i look and feel better when you are not on my face.  also, you suck.  thanks.  well, that and noxema.  and face scrub things.  and salicylic acid.  damn you, acne.

let's see, what else...  a client just called and was all a bitch because i didn't know if her return would be ready for her wednesday, thursday or friday.  (hello!  do i look like a psychic?)  so she got all mad-like and demanded uj call her back.  give me a break.  knowing your return will be ready sometime this week isn't enough?  what, do you want a 6-hour window?  frickin frack.

last night we watched casablanca and i really enjoyed it.  i think 1hr45min is my max movie enjoyment time.  after that i get antsy.  two hours is like an eternity.  and i don't care if you're james cameron.  two hours (or, omg, three hours!) of someone's life is a.long.time.  talk to me about this.



Blogger April said...

I agree, it is a long time! Every so often I find a movie I thorougly LOVE and I will watch it, despite 2+ hours of my life! 'Dances with Wolves' is 3 hours, and I can watch that movie over and over again. 'Legends of the Fall' - over 2 hours. And let me say that I feel priveledged to watch Brad Pitt for those sweet 2 hours. Oh, and 'Forest Gump' has to be at least 3 hours... one of my top movies of all time.

And I'm embarrassed to admit this but I surely watched 'Titanic' over and over again as a teen. Not sure if I could now, lol.

However there are many movies I just can't stand to watch for 2 hours, let alone an hour and a half (a action/violent man movie comes to mind). My mind and body cannot sit still. B gets annoyed with my "what's going on now?" that always gets asked.

Alright now that used up all your comment space I will sign off. Ta ta! :)

March 29, 2010 5:16 PM  
Blogger emily b. said...

you are so right. there are movies that warrant their running times. and, titanic at 16 (or however old i was) was a work of genius. but now, i think i'd get all, are we there yet are we there yet?? i also like to have the dvd counter running backwards so i always know how much time is left. (impatient much? haha) i think it's more of, if i don't know if i'll like a movie, i don't want to waste all those hours (not to mention $20 on a ticket). it's a crap-shoot really. and then if i end up liking it, it's awesome. but if i don't it's like, can i get those hours back please? and maybe a refund?

it pretty much secures the fact that i am an old lady trapped in a 29 yr old's body, hahaha.

xoxo, em

p.s. ANY movie with brad pitt. yes please! :)

March 30, 2010 11:13 AM  

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