Thursday, March 25, 2010

home is both a place and a feeling

dear house,

last thursday marked two years since we opened your door with our very own key.  sure they left you full of dust balls and crumbs on the floor.  sure they left your refrigerator covered in juice box leakings.  but it didn't matter.  we cleaned you up with a pride we hadn't known before.  we called you ours.

you've seen us fight.  love.  laugh.  cry.  you've protected us from the world.  we painted your rooms.  decorated your walls.  we come home to you each day with a sigh of relief.

i love your green living room.  your afternoon sunlight pouring through the windows.  your creaky wooden floors.  your bedroom window that shows us all the stars.  sometimes the moon.  your forgiving nature.  your steady structure.

this past year saw one of your bathrooms repainted, your trees trimmed, your patio furnished, your kitchen reorganized, your living room refurnished and completed, and etc.

my plans for this next year are quite fantastic.  i think it's about time we fill your master bedroom walls with pictures.  i just can't take four bare walls any longer.  and i think you agree that even two years is too long to go without decor.  we'll also rearrange your garage so it's much more accommodating for ping-pong and other leisurely things.  i think you'll like that.

thank you for being you.  for letting us be us.  for keeping us safe and warm.  and happy.

signed your only female resident,emily b.


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