Thursday, February 18, 2010

on apologies: a mini-post

have you, dear reader, been sucked into the media funhouse that is this whole tiger woods debacle?  i have and i haven't.  i mean, i think it's weird that there have been like no pictures of him for 3 months or something.  (well, until one surfaced wherein he'd grown a beard.  also, just had a lot of trouble spelling beard.)  other than that, i just don't care.

is that weird?

"everyone's" saying they want an apology.  why should tiger woods apologize to anyone besides his wife?  his kids?  i'm sorry, but if you were stupid enough to sleep with tiger woods anytime in the last however many years, i'm pretty sure you knew exactly who he was and exactly who he was married too.  sorry, waitress-bartenders, he's not leaving his supermodel wife for you.  i mean, he will sleep with you.  but that's it.

so why should he apologize to them?

and his infidelities didn't affect me.  whether he cheats on his wife or not, i am indifferent.  i don't think it's right.  at all.   i can't say i don't like him less for it.  but why should he apologize to me?  what he did hurt his wife and family.  and himself.  that's it.

it hurt golf in general because he's so damn good.  and he's popular.  and he's got a name you can remember.  (who's fred couples?)  but he doesn't even owe golf an apology.  i mean, unless he was cheating in terms of his golf game.

i just don't like high-horses.  and i feel like the media is on the grandest high-horse of all time right now.
dear tiger woods,
really?  you're an idiot.  yes, you are an amazing golfer, but leave the casanova-ing to single men.

sincerely, emily b.
dear everyone who acts like this affects them,
tiger woods is a famous man.  but at the root of that he is just a man.  and he will have to answer to his family for his infidelity and idiocy.  (should we call it anything else?)  but you are no one and nothing to him as he is the same to you.  so grow up a bit.  and move on.  either watch him golf in the future or don't.  but don't act like this has any effect on your life.

sincerely, emily b.
meeting adjourned.


Blogger HeatherLynn said...

absolutely in agreement with you Miss Emily. Frankly, I just don't get into the drama that is main street media. Sure I browse a tabloid from time to time, just to be "in the know" about pop culture, but i could give a sh*t less if tiger was humping dogs, women, alligators....and baby kittens. wait, no i take that back, baby kittens just seems wrong! strike that!

No apology for me thanks Tiger, i"m all set! And watching golf on television is like watching paint this won't be affecting my watch-ability of your sport either!

Now, if I were his wife, he'd have some serious explaining to do...and honestly, I'd see him in divorce court....but that's for Mrs. Woods....not for me to say.


February 18, 2010 4:58 PM  

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