Sunday, April 4, 2010

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sunday: a mini-post

i guess there's always next month..

Thursday, April 1, 2010

i have a headache but that's not what this post is about

 (my blog team.  hard at work.  keeping my legs warm.)

although, in truth, i don't know what this post is about right now.  yet, anyway.  see, it turns out i've got all kinds of time on my hands this morning.  i woke up early but can't go in to work early.  or i can.  only i can't leave early today.  so, i'd rather spend an extra, luxurious hour at home instead of at work.  i'm pretty sure you can't fault me that  :)

it may or may not have rained last night.  if it did, i slept right through it.  i think there should be rain laws.  like, it can only rain when one is home and awake.  so as to really experience it.  without the worries of traffic or flooded streets or the intense desire to bake cookies.  the rain always makes me want to bake cookies but i am almost always either asleep or at work.  thus, rain laws.

in two weeks tax season will be over.  or, for most of you, taxes are due.  can you believe it??  i can't.  i mean, i really can't.  that crazy month of march was packed chock-full of clients.  the nice ones.  the snotty ones.  the demanding ones.  the gracious ones.  i particularly liked this ridiculous conversation with a client yesterday because i responded to her email instead of uj.  of course, her question was "have you heard anything?" and the answer was "no." but that didn't matter.  she didn't feel i should be responding to her emails.  now, do you think uj wants to respond to her emails?  oh no no no.  that is the kind of client who makes the day very hard.  who makes this season very unpleasant.  but then we have the clients who bring us candy and food-stuffs and gift cards.  the clients who celebrate chinese new year and hand us each a twenty dollar bill.  those are the clients who put a smile on my face.  even the clients who just have a kind word to say.  a smile.

being nasty and rude gets you nowhere.  but you guys already knew that  :)

today is thursday.  the first of april.  the day april begins.  the day after march.  i don't have any sort of fool stuff to pull on you.  i've never been good at that stuff.  fooling.  are you?  are you pulling fun pranks and causing general shenanigans?  oh i hope so  :)

(can you believe it is already april??  to where has this first quarter gone??)

also, did you know that when cats sleep on and beside your legs it still doesn't mean your feet will warm up?  i can feel them freezing right now...  and my socks are so.far.away.

i am doing my best today to not feel down.  as down as i have been feeling the past couple of days.  being here to talk about whatever it is i'm talking about...helps to get my mind off of things.  my boys asleep on me.  that always helps.  and my #1 boy.  that handsome husb of mine.  who wrote me pretty much the sweetest note on the mirror this morning...  he is the best cure-all i can imagine.  my life is full of happiness and love.  even when i am feeling low.  kind of like how the sun is always shining.  even if clouds are blocking the light.

thank you for being sunshines in my life, friends.

and now i am off to work...



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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

wednesday: a mini-post

i have been hard on myself this week.  when i am cranky, i reprimand myself for being cranky.  because that could only mean one thing.  when i am fighting tears, i am also fighting myself.  how dare i want to cry.  because it most likely only means one thing.  see, i am thinking that, if i don't feel differently this month than every other month, it means it didn't work.  it means this month will end just like all the others.  in disappointment.  i can promise you i did very little of getting my hopes up since two weeks ago.  i did very well with not getting ahead of myself.  but today i feel like my disappointment is crushing me.  nothing is certain yet and i still have a few more days of waiting.  but i'm pretty sure that, since all the signs are there, this is just another bout of pms.  i just really really really...  really wanted this to work.  this time.  this month.  this year.  i know we aren't out of options.  i know we've got plenty of time.  i know it could be worse.  as it always can be.  but...


Monday, March 29, 2010

the japanese maple tells me it's spring

 (see?  told ya.)

and i believe it.  how could i not?  all around our house are blooms and blossoms and baby-green leaves.  and bugs.  eh.  i can stand some bugs.  but not bugs that can harm me.  bugs that can sting and have dangly legs.  wasps are they?  or hornets?  or evil?  it's really the hangy legs though.  blech.

tonight b and i are going to his parent's house for seder.  eh.  it's hard, ya know?  being a part of something when you'd rather be...home.  in comfortable clothes.  not singing hebrew.  it would be like having them over for an easter egg hunt...  not gonna happen.  oh well.  the food will be good.  and i'll be with my guy.  so there are worse things.  oh much worse things.

also, you know how acne at 13 is like devastating?  well i'd like to submit that it is way worse at 29.  i mean.  it makes me feel so old.  having zits show up all over my face.  this is my attempt at resolving this peacefully...dear acne, please go away.  i'm pretty sure i look and feel better when you are not on my face.  also, you suck.  thanks.  well, that and noxema.  and face scrub things.  and salicylic acid.  damn you, acne.

let's see, what else...  a client just called and was all a bitch because i didn't know if her return would be ready for her wednesday, thursday or friday.  (hello!  do i look like a psychic?)  so she got all mad-like and demanded uj call her back.  give me a break.  knowing your return will be ready sometime this week isn't enough?  what, do you want a 6-hour window?  frickin frack.

last night we watched casablanca and i really enjoyed it.  i think 1hr45min is my max movie enjoyment time.  after that i get antsy.  two hours is like an eternity.  and i don't care if you're james cameron.  two hours (or, omg, three hours!) of someone's life is a.long.time.  talk to me about this.


Friday, March 26, 2010

today i...

...came into work an hour early so that my weekend could start an hour early  :) having a horrendous hair day.  super yikes.

...multi-tasked like a biotch this morning, doing laundry while i showered, so that i could have one of my cute new shirts to wear out tonight

...get to go on a date with my favorite guy...the best part of the weekend trying to feel a bit more hopeful grateful for what i have

...packed spaghetti and meatballs for lunch  :)

...better get some frozen yogurt!!  (benny!) hoping the hands on the clock fly fly fly and it's 4:00 in no time reading all of your words and feeling inspired

x's and o's my friends,